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Training Advice

Download dog training guides

We have some free training plans available for download in PDF format. Just click on the links below to add to your shopping basket. They are all free and we hope you find them useful. Why not read what other people think about our training treats by clicking here.

Food Refusal

This is an essential training plan if you have ever lost a Sunday roast or had food swiped from your hand by your sneaky dog. Joking asides food refusal is important for the health and welfare of your dog and the safety of others i.e. children who could be hurt from a snatching dog.

Stop your dog from pulling on his lead

Walking a dog that pulls on a lead can be very tiring and frustrating and not very healthy for your dog.  This training plan will help you control your dog on his lead and stop him from pulling

Attention getting exercise

Getting your dog to respond to your voice is very important, there will be situations where you will need to get your dog to take notice of your voice and focus on your.  Uses for this exercise can be simply getting your dog’s attention before a training session to any situation where you require your dogs immediate and undivided focus.


Down exercise

The down exercise is a basic but useful training exercise for your dog to know.  If your travelling, visiting the vet, on a bus the down command is very useful 

Recall exercise

You need to have full control of your dog, there may be times when for example you are out walking your dog off the lead and you need him to return immediately. The recall command is essential for successful control of your dog while he is off the lead.

Sit exercise

Teaching your dog to sit on command is a basic command but none the less a useful command.  The command can be used to distract your dog from bad behavior or simply to control your dog in situations where you need him to sit.

Stop jumping up exercise

This training exercise is to stop your dog jumping up. Although all dogs should not jump up this training plan is useful especially if you have children or frail people in your household that may get hurt if your dog jumps up at them.